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We started making our own skincare products when we couldn’t find one on the market we felt safe putting on our skin and on the skin of our children. People started asking us to make some for them and we were pleased with how much they loved it! That was the beginning of 2 Clarify. A home based skincare company.

We wanted to bring you products with premium, natural and safe ingredients. We formulate all our products with this philosophy in mind, which means every one of our products will nourish and heal the skin & hair, not strip it or sensitize it. To do that, we realized that we did not want to put even a mild preservative in them.


Most natural skin care companies will add alcohol as a natural means of preserving their products. Others will add other natural things to preserve the shelf-life of their products. But we did not want to follow this pattern. Alcohol can irritate and sensitized the skin. And since we are scientists, we knew that natural ways of preserving natural products DID NOT truly extend the shelf life much longer than not putting any natural preservative in it. What is the point of trying to bring the best ingredients into your home (so that it’s safe for even a baby to use) if what you are using is contaminated by harmful bacteria, and mold? No point whatsoever.


We came up with the idea of having a monthly subscription as a way to ensure that their customers would have fresh, safe, Eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products. The products are hand crafted in small batches days before they are delivered straight to your door. The best part (besides being healthy, of course) is that you don’t have to worry about running to the store to make sure you have what you need when your products are used up.





Step 1

Choose the box and monthly plan that works best for you. There box includes 3 to 5 cruelty free, mostly organic and natural products (with occasional samples included). Shipping to your door is FREE!








Step 2

Try your products! Tag us on social media if you take a picture of your box when it arrives. By tagging us you’ll be entered to win a free box.








Step 3

Enjoy your package and anticipate your next month’s subscription. If you decide you have a favorite and would like to just keep getting the same thing every month, just make that request on your account.



What to expect

All plans auto-renew at the same rate on the 20th of the month at the end of the initial subscription term.

Due to the nature of our products, there are no refunds. But you can cancel anytime once your subscription is over.

Membership box includes:

A variety of 3-5 full-size natural, artisan bath & beauty products.
2 will always be the same ( you can request otherwise on your account).
1 to 3 will change with every box.

Ingredients for each product in the box will be included in each box.